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I Stand with Diversity and I Choose Love and Peace T-Shirt

$19.99 - $22.49
This is simply a movement of love and compassion! A moment in time that we as a people will come together and vibrantly showcase our support for our fellow human beings! That we will not allow hatred to win this battle, that love and kindness will forever triumph!! That those who feel necessary to spit hatred into this world will be muted by the unified front of peace! That violence and negativity are not welcome here. Show the world that we stand for diversity and love! Let's show anyone that is struggling or afraid that we are with them! Now is the time to show we are here for one another, that the only way to rid this world of hatred is to fire back with love! This is not just a t-shirt, this is a movement, a statement, an expression... that we, the people stand with diversity and WE CHOOSE LOVE AND PEACE!
I created this t-shirt not only with bringing our community together and celebrating our diversity but to give back to our youth, the future! I want to be able to help make a difference and with that said, I have plans to donate partial proceeds to the Erie City Youth! Whether it be the Erie School District which is in desperate need of help or through another organization that helps our kids of Erie! With that being said, I hope you too will help me reach this goal not only to spread love and peace but by creating a brighter path for our tomorrow!