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Everything You Wanted To Know About CBD But Were Too Afraid To  Ask?

Everything You Wanted To Know About CBD But Were Too Afraid To Ask?

Posted by Sierra Herscovitch on 9th Jul 2021

The modern twenty-first century comes with its own set of challenges. Especially for adults, the world is tremendously fast-paced, tiring, and often wearying. The situation further took a turn for the worse with the pandemic in the last few years. Governments had to force their hands by enforcing drastic measures like lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. While for some, it meant some much-needed time off to recharge, but for most, it only made the problems worse. It led to the people getting cornered within the four walls of their own houses, leading to minimal interpersonal connections. This rapid shift of the life pattern from the fast-paced nature to being under lockdowns and restrictions has further worsened the situation.

Over the past couple of years, the unemployment rates have risen rapidly and had inflation rates across the USA. It has had a detrimental impact on both the physical well as mental health of the people. Recently a survey organized by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in the United States of America depicted that more than 20% of the adult population of the USA suffer some level of mental health issues. 

 How to overcome this situation?

The times are tough. Moreover, tough times call for desperate measures. Nowadays, people have been turning their attention to various modes of relief. Some people have gone down the roads of pharmaceutical drugs. Others have been availing the means of herbal medicinal drug consumption such as Kratom, Delta 8, or even marijuana-based products for that matter.

One product in this segment that has boomed massively over the last couple of years is CBD, specifically pure CBD tincture. Although it is relatively new to the USA, it is gaining popularity at a very rapid pace.

 So, what exactly is CBD?

CBD-Based or Cannabidiol-Based Products refer to an organic molecule. It originates from the leaves of the famous tropical plant known as the Sativa Plant. The compound has significant therapeutic properties and has immense medicinal uses. One molecule of CBD usually contains Hemp extract, THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol), MCT Oil.

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It can also include the trace amounts of coconut oil that bind the other materials. The product comes with a variety of psychotropic properties. Hence, it is getting so popular amongst the younger generations of today.

 How are the products available/forms?

It is versatile and comes in various forms like

  1. CBD Oil
  2. CBD Gummies,
  3. CBD Wax
  4. CBD Vape
  5. CBD Hemp capsules
  6. CBD Cigars
  7. CBD Cream

Each product listed above comes with its dosages. Moreover, the dosages can be easily adjusted by the end consumer themselves.

 Is CBD consumption Legal?

Several states in the USA have recently legalized CBD products during one of the legislative meetings. As of today, A total of 12 States fall in this category. They as listed as following: Vermont, Maine, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, District of Columbia, Nevada, Washington, Alaska,

Whereas on the other hand. A few states where the sale and consumption of CBD-based products are not legal yet. We have a list of those states below: South Dakota, Tennessee, Indiana, Texas, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi, and Indiana.

Does it have any side effects?

The results of the research and studies conducted so far point to one conclusion. The product is as safe as they come! Recently CBD has FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval in the USA. It goes to show the trust which people have in the product.

Is CBD a prescription drug?

The simple answer to that is NO! It falls under the OTC (Over counter) category of products. Hence, no such prescription is necessary for buying and consumption of CBD.

Where can I get my CBD?

Nowadays, you can find CBD shops around every corner in every part of town. However, if you have your reservations about stepping out of your house. You can always avail of the online mode of purchase. They even come with free delivery!

Is there any rule on the dosages and consumption of CBD?

NO, there are no such specified dosages for the product. You can set your dosages as per your choices and convenience. Specialists recommend starting slow and ramping up those quantities as you go.

Can CBD cure arthritis?

Cannabidiol-Based oil readily mixes with the bloodstream upon consumption. It then slows down the metabolism, which causes instant relief. The product comes with potent anti-inflammatory properties. It also increases the appetite of an individual. It causes a further reduction in the joint pain one might be suffering.

Can CBD cure sleep problems?

CBD contains specified quantities of Tetrahydrocannabinol. It can interact with the neural receptors of the brain and the nervous systems that soothe the body instantly. It can also cause the other receptors in the body, which can help the patient. CBD oil improves the sleep cycle of the user, which decreases anxiety in the consumer. It can result in a better work-life balance which is essential.

Are CBD Cigars effective for quitting smoking?

CBD-based cigars are an effective way to get rid of our habit of smoking. It has the qualities of being an alternative to smoking. It also serves as a good option for nicotine in the long term. The Hemp extract has a soothing effect on the metabolism. One of the many perks of being an organic product!

Can it help with my anxiety?

CBD contains organic hemp extracts. These organic hemp extracts can stimulate the nerve endings of the brain and the nervous system. It helps you keep your anxiety and stress-related complications in check. One fun weekend of CBD fun is all you need to get rid of the tiredness of your week.

Can CBD help me heal your itchy skin?

Cannabidiol-Based hemp cream has hemp extract. The cream is organic and hence can be applied directly to the skin. Massaging and gradually applying the cream to the face. It gets inside the skin openings and takes out the smoke, dust particles, and pollutants. It can kill harmful germs and provide relief from itching.

Can CBD help you calm your pet?

Cannabidiol-based products can slow down the metabolism of your beloved pets. CBD- based products are given in the form of solid treats to your pets to provide relief. This property comes in handy during vet clinic visits.

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CBD products come with so many benefits that you will run out of fingers in your hands to keep track of them. The demand is constantly increasing because of the many benefits which the product has to offer. With approvals kicking in, the future of the product looks bright.