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9 Perfect T-Shirts for Gun Lovers, Patriots, and Rednecks

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Looking for a gift for the scruffy, roughneck, blue collar worker in your life? Or maybe you fit the description yourself. Here are 9 shirts we think you'll love:

1. For the man who's always strapped

Keep Calm and Carry On 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

2. Don't let them take your guns away with this shirt

Protect your Rights Second Amendment T-Shirt

3. Who's really at fault?

Control your Kids not Guns

4. Who needs the Fifth when you have the Second Amendment

I Plead The Second Shirt

5. Be proud of your big ass beard

You Ain't a Redneck unless You got a Beard T-Shirt

6. 'Merica! Let's get drunk.

Stay Drunk for America T-Shirt

7.You get the reference...


8. Same with this one.

Hey That's a Fact Jack! T-Shirt

9. Fact: Rednecks survive zombie attacks.

Everybody Makes Fun of the Redneck T-Shirt

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